February Book Sale

It’s cold outside. There’s nothing good on TV. The news is depressing.

Yep, It’s the perfect time to read an uplifting book!

Take an additional discount on all of Ben’s books through the end of February!  40%+ off all 14 titles.

Pick up where you left off on the Niederbipp Trilogy, gain a new appreciation for your most important relationships in the Ruby Pentalogy and her keys of joy, learn about living and dying in Borrowing Fire, enhance your creative spark with How To Seduce a Sasquatch, learn how to listen in a chaotic world in The Disciple of the Wind, and enjoy some whimsical poetry in The Lost Art of Wooing Rabbits and Other Wild Hares

Ben’s books make wonderful gifts and are perennial book club favorites.


Gracefully Ruby


Gracefully Ruby: The Legacy of Joy

Final book in the Ruby Series

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