GEAR HEADS™ @ Wild Rooster Artworks
The idea for Gear Heads™ was born in 1998 when Ben visited a friends transmission shop. To date he has recycled over five tons of steel and created uncountable smiles and laughter.

Soon after the Gear Heads™, the Celestial Hubcap™ was invented.

Dragon Fly Boys and Gargoyles followed.

Gear heads are measured by the size of their face. All Gear Heads have two metal leaves and a 30"-40" stem.

Note: All Wild Rooster garden decor is frost-proof and guaranteed to bring you years of giggles. How long? Well, we have tested these critters in the harsh winters and summers of Utah for four years and counting and they have only gotten better. If you do not want your accessories to rust, we recommend you give them a thin coat of spray varnish every year. But we believe natural rust adds to their charm.

Jumbo Gear Heads range in size from 6"-7"
Large Gear Heads range in size from 5"-6"

From left to right: Medium, small, jumbo, and large


Medium Gear Heads range in
size from 3.5"-4".
Small Gear Heads range in size from 1.5"-2.5".