Videos about Ben

Sit back, relax, and enjoy a few videos about Ben and his work.

CREATIVE STEWARDSHIP | Faith Matters Podcast

In our conversation with Ben, he talked about his mission experience and conversion to the Church  — his story is incredibly moving and illustrates in a powerful way that God seems to be working through good people in every tradition and culture.

Ben also shared a lot about how his creativity plays into his role as a leader in the Church, and it was inspiring to hear how innovative he is in his stewardship and work to serve and bless others. Ben also shared what he believes are the gifts that Latter-day Saints, in particular, have to share with the world. 

BYU TV Video


This video was created for the program series, ArtFul, on BYUTV. The program itself focuses on the intersection of creativity and faith. Ben was very pleased to be asked to participate and share his story. This episode first aired in June 2020. Check out the rest of the series on BYUTV’s website. You won’t be disappointed.

HEAD, HEART, AND HANDS | by Quin Boardman

Ben was approached in 2016 by Quin who was working on a senior project at the U of U for his BA in Visual Narrative Studies.  Quin had read Ben’s book, Put A Cherry on Top and was inspired by his philosophy about life, art, and creativity and wanted to create a video to help share those ideas. This is what he came up with. Enjoy.

JEREMIAH 18 | by Quin Boardman

Drawing on the inspiration of the prophet Jeremiah, (circa 600 BC in Jerusalem), Ben shares his musings on being Centered by Christ and allowing the Potter of mankind to shape our lives and help us reach our greatest potential. This video was created for a short church presentation Quin was working on. Ben was thrilled to be able to share some of his thoughts on this meaningful scripture. Enjoy.


This aired on KUTV 2 on Apr 27, 2016.


This video was featured as part of Ben’s Kickstarter Campaign to launch his book The Disciple of the Wind. This video was created in October 2017 by Quin Boardman.

Bread Brothers YouTube


Want to bake bread? Check out the bread baking channel Ben created with fellow Bread Brother, Bert Compton. Learn all about Sourdough, artisan bread, quick bread, baking tips, and lots of delicious recipes. All our videos include recipes and instructions. Bake Bread and Be Happy!

ARTIST FEATURE | Mozart Einstein and Me

Here’s a brief feature created by Mozart Einstein and Me.