For God So Loved The World Nativity 2023


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Simple shepherds, woken in the night by angels, were the first witnesses of Jesus’s glory. He would later become The Good Shepherd, inviting His flocks to turn away from the Desert of Criticism and come back to the greener pastures of God’s grace, love and hope.

Having gone to bed contemplating my design for this year’s Nativity Bowl, I woke the next morning with this image in my mind and the words of the scripture on my lips. John 3:16 is one of Christendom’s most encouraging promises. We are promised, through our faith in Jesus Christ, that we can and will enjoy the blessings of eternal life.

This if the first of my nativity bowls to be shaped like a heart, though upon closer evaluation one quickly recognizes the circle in the middle—thus signifying God’s eternal love. In the upper left hand curvature of the heart is the Hill of Calvary with its three crosses and gathering storm on the dreadful yet glorious day of Christ’s death and atonement. On the right hand side is the empty tomb, the stone rolled back and the Tree of Life offering hope to all who care to partake. Jerusalem is in the background, reminding us that we have to come out and away from the traditions and practices of the natural man if we hope to fully enjoy the fruits of the atonement.
The Forget-me-not flower at the bottom of the heart is there to remind us to never forget the great love God has for each of us. Baby Jesus’s outstretched hands are ready to embrace the world while the lamb at His feet remind us that He is the lamb of God.
Happy Bowl size 9.5” X 9.5” X 2.2”
Fully functional, dishwasher, microwave and oven-safe.


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