He Will Find What Is Lost Platter


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I love a good story, and Jesus told some really great stories. In the Parable of the Lost Sheep, Jesus tells the story of the Good Shepherd, who, upon finding one of his sheep missing, leaves his flock of 99 sheep and searches out the one who has wandered. Rejoicing when he finds him, he graciously brings him safely back to the fold.

In my visual parable, there are 99 sheep huddled in the shadows of the Tree of Life as the clouds part and sun shines through, welcoming a brighter day to both him who was lost and the rest of the flock who has missed him.

A great gift for those whose sheep have wandered from the safety and security of the Tree of Life, reminding us that they are never lost to Jesus who will do all in His power to return them safely to the light and hope of His love.
14.5″ in diameter and 2.5″ deep
Fully functional, dishwasher, microwave and oven-safe.


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