Holy Week Platter


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Holy Week is undoubtedly the most celebrated week in Christendom. This platter celebrates four events of that week in plants and flowers. The palm fronds at the back of the plate celebrate the Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday. The wheat and the grapes become the bread and the wine of the Last Supper on Thursday. The Dogwood flowers represent the cross and the crown of Friday’s crucifixion. And the Easter Lily trumpets the great news of Christ’s resurrection from the grave on Sunday morning.

I wanted to create a piece that is both beautiful and symbolic, and something that helps us remember Christ’s life and sacrifice every day of the year. 

This platter is rigged to hang on the wall, but it is also dishwasher, microwave and oven safe and can be used to serve all foods. It was inspired by a cement frieze I saw at Simon Rodia’s, Watts Towers, in Watts, California. Simon was an uneducated street preacher who performed marriages and baptisms at the base of his towers. The whole complex of Watts Towers is filled with spiritual and religious symbolism. I recommend a visit any time your travels take you to L.A.. In the meantime, enjoy the Holy Week Platter. 

Available in black-and-white or Iron Wash brown. 14.5″ in diameter 2.5″ deep


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