Just Love Hearts (medium)




Just Love Hearts were created in response to the seeds of fear and hate that are being sown throughout our world.  Inspired by the question asked of Jesus, “Which is the most important commandment?” And His response, “To Love God, and to Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Two thousand years later, Love is still the answer.  Few of us can change the world, but we can all change our hearts, our homes, our communities.  We can illuminate our often dark world with acts of love and kindness to friends and strangers.  And together, with love in our hearts, we can change the world.

These hearts are each one of a kind. No two are ever the same. If you have a color palette you would like to stick with, or a size you would like to order, you are welcome to email me to see what we currently have in stock. Or you are welcome to just order one and let me surprise you.

The medium size measures approximately 9″x2.5″


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