Holy Week Bowl


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This bowl symbolizes the last week of Christ’s life and resurrection. The palm fronds represent  Christ’s Triumphal entry in Jerusalem. The wheat and grapes represent the bread and wine of the Last Supper. The Dogwood flowers symbolize the cross and the crown. And the lily trumpets the good news of the resurrection on that glorious first Easter morn. 

This bowl was inspired by a frieze I discovered in Watts, California at the site of the Watts Towers, built by Simon Rodia over the course of 33 years, from 1922-1955. Simon built these towers as a monument to the God who saved him from himself. He became a street preacher at the towers, inviting people to join him for religious services under his colorfully mosaicked gazebo. This frieze, cast in cement, is attached to a wall above a baptismal font where, it is told, Simon occasionally performed baptisms. See my book, The Disciple of the Wind, for more information.

The dimensions for this bowl are 9 1/2″-10″ by 2 1/2″- 3″ deep. It is dishwasher, microwave and oven-safe.


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