The Matchmaker of Niederbipp Series (books 1-5

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Buy the four available books in the Ruby Series (so far) and receive an even deeper discount.

  1. Authentically Ruby: The Illustrious Matchmaker of Niederbipp
  2. Splendidly Ruby: The Acclaimed Matchmaker of Niederbipp
  3. Pleasantly Ruby: The Keys of Joy
  4. Persuasively Ruby: The Persuit of Joy



2 reviews for The Matchmaker of Niederbipp Series (books 1-5

  1. Carol H Devine

    In her mid-90’s, my mother, Maurine Hansen, read these 3 lengthy books in about a week, barely able to put them down. Today I asked Mom how she likes the new novel by Debbie Macomber (formerly her favorite author) that she just started. She said, “Well, its okay, but its no Niederbipp!” Our friend Fae, who is 90, has just completed the third Isaac book. Her granddaughter, a junior in high school, checked out book 1 at the library, and almost begged me to let her read books 2 and 3 before Fae returned them to Mom. I’m twice divorced, and Maurine is urging me to read the Ruby series in hopes, I think, that I’ll try marriage again armed with new strategies and tools gained there. That’s not likely, but I’ll certainly enjoy reading both the Isaac and Ruby series in the coming year. Great work, Ben! Please keep them coming.

  2. Christine Merkle (verified owner)

    I read the entire Ruby, The Matchmaker, series two years ago and ordered the books sent to my 87 year old mother. I’m on the East Coast and mom is in California and Ruby was central to our daily dialogue for weeks/months. Mom passed her books along to her closest (80-ish) lady friends and the joy multiplied. Today, like many times over the past 1-2 years, my mother brought up the principles while we were discussing something. It’s amazing how she has the principals on recall and can insert them into the conversation without thought at the absolute right time. We thank you for writing and sharing your story – it has resonated and become permanent in our thoughts.

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