Borrowing Fire

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Twelve years ago, after a botched attempt to end his misery, Paul Shafer found himself in the hospital. When a roommate’s funeral opens his eyes to hope, he realizes his life needs a serious change of direction. Over the course of the next year, Paul becomes a part-time funeral crasher in search of answers to life’s big questions.

When his journey from this year of discovery is unexpectedly returned to him, his seven-year-old daughter, Eve, begins asking questions. A road trip back to where the story began enables Paul to share the past he’s tried so hard to protect her from, as well as giving him a chance to finally tell his wife, Rachel, the truth that has been waiting many years to be told. And though the road home is familiar, the contents of the journal carry them all to a place they never could have guessed, filled with friends they’ve never met.

A tale of hope and redeeming love, Borrowing Fire shares the joy and transformation that comes from rejecting fear, and embracing life, love and light.


2 reviews for Borrowing Fire

  1. Ginger Farnsworth

    Beautiful story written around a very difficult subject. Be sure to have some tissues handy, you will need them.

  2. Teresa M.

    Love Ben’s writing style and the things I have learned from his books about life, love and faith.

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