Remembering Isaac: The Wise and Joyful Potter of Niederbipp

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In a town with a name like Niederbipp, you might expect the townsfolk to be a little quirky. And you’d be right. But for Jake Kimball, if the timing and circumstances were different, this would be a dream come true. As it is, he’s afraid he agreed too hastily to spend the summer working his way through the mess Isaac Bingham, the old potter – God rest his soul – left behind.

As Jake begins his work in the old studio, he becomes aware of a unique collection of mugs hanging from an overhead beam. When friends of the old potter shop by to sip peppermint tea from these mugs and tell their stories, Jake begins to understand the remarkable man he has come to replace. With the help of his new friend Amy, Jake pieces together the secrets of life Isaac lived by and shared with all who knew him.

Remembering Isaac celebrates the art of creation, the ancient wisdom of a humble craftsman, the euphoria of love, and the joys found through understanding and make the most of reality.


5 reviews for Remembering Isaac: The Wise and Joyful Potter of Niederbipp

  1. Allison

    let’s just say I’ve read this an unhealthy amount of times…XD. This book is a great reminder that I don’t have to be successful in the way the world sees, but in the way God sees. Thank you for listening to the prompting to write this!

  2. Teresa M.

    So many lessens taught in this trilogy. And taught in a very engaging story with likable characters throughout.

  3. Jack Vizzard

    The “Isaac” trilogy is the most remarkable books and story. You come to love Isaac, Jake, Amy, and a whole cast of characters from Neiderbipp!

  4. bryan n.

    Life is really about relationships. Neiderbipp teaches relationships in so many ways.

  5. Ken Patterson

    I really got into pottery since retiring from dentistry. Ben’s books are changing my life as I see through different eyes. Please hurry and get more of the Ruby story out.

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